About - Nick Kowalski

English photographer specialising in artistic documentary

I've been photographing for over 10 years now, completing a Photographic Arts Degree that ran closely alongside a Photojournalism course has led my work to lie somewhere in between the two worlds. An avid traveller; various trips and adventures all over the world have helped me develop a style of photographing that tells the story in an honest and engaging way.

Highly polished, picture perfect, postcard images are not my style. I try to portray the real adventure, the behind the scenes, the beautiful sub-story missed by the masses.

My portraiture follows the same principles, I love to bring narrative into my photos, creating a  scene for the characters to live in.  

My work can give a more human and intimate touch to your brand, speaking to your audience from a more personal level whilst still maintaining a professional appearance. Whatever style you require, I work with you to create bespoke imagery that engages your audience through authentic feelings and great visuals.

Current Location: New Zealand

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